Referring Patients for Veterinary Radiology

If you’re a veterinarian in or around Lancaster County in need of radiology services for a patient, you’ve come to the right place. Our veterinary radiologist, Dr. Van Knox, works inside the PETS Lancaster facility and has nearly two decades of experience. He’s known not only for clear, rapid results…but for his compassionate treatment of the animals in his care.

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Why Refer Patients to PETS to see Dr. Knox of Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging?

When you send your patients to Dr. Van Knox for Diagnostic Imaging Services, you can rest assured that you will receive imaging of the highest quality, in a timely manner, and with professional recommendations when applicable.

Dr. Knox works tirelessly to build the trust your clients have in you, so you can more effectively make recommendations, alleviate discomfort, and put pet owners’ minds at ease.

How to Schedule Veterinary Radiology Services with Dr. Knox

For patients needing special radiograph studies or ultrasound scans, call PETS in Lancaster at 717-295-7387 to speak with our staff or Dr. Knox. You may also pass that number along to your clients to use for scheduling.

For more information regarding Dr. Knox’s education and experience, testimonials from referring veterinarians, and services offered, visit our About page.

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