When Patients are Referred to Dr. Van Knox

Has your pet’s veterinarian recommended imaging services with Dr. Knox at PETS? Often, primary-care and specialist vets need a better understanding of what’s happening inside, so they call on the services of a veterinary radiologist.

It could be a radiograph, ultrasound scan, or ultrasound-guided procedure. No matter the type of imaging service that’s been ordered, you can rest assured that Dr. Knox will put the comfort and wellbeing of your best friend first.

If your pet’s veterinarian has suggested that you schedule diagnostic imaging services, simply call 717-295-7385 to reach the Lancaster PETS facility and ask to make an appointment with Dr. Knox.

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Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging Location

The Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging Difference

Veterinarians in the Lancaster County area have been referring patients to Dr. Knox for nearly two decades. That’s because he not only delivers the clearest, easiest-to-read results, but because they know that your pet will be in the best hands.

Dr. Knox knows that when animals are relaxed and comfortable, images will be clearer—meaning their veterinarian can administer targeted treatments sooner, with better results.

We invite you to take a look at the doctor’s education, areas of expertise, and testimonials on our About page. We think you’ll find—as hundreds of thousands of other pet owners have—that your best friend is in the best hands with Dr. Knox.

The Scheduling Process

In many cases, your veterinarian will order imaging from Dr. Knox. In the event that you’ve been asked to schedule the appointment, you may do so by calling Lancaster PETS (where our Lancaster-area veterinary radiology practice is located) at 717-295-7387.

We will do our utmost to see your pet as soon as possible, with the greatest care…so you and the veterinarian have all the information necessary for talking about next steps.

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