Dr. Van Knox, a Veterinary Radiologist Who Cares

With nearly two decades of experience in veterinary radiology, Dr. Van Knox built a reputation for himself in Lancaster County. He’s a professional who not only delivers superior imaging and procedural results, but who genuinely cares about the animals he sees.

To date, Dr. Knox, DACVR, has completed more than 200,000 radiology studies, 70,000 ultrasound exams, 9,000 ultrasound-guided biopsies, 12,000 ultrasound-guided aspirates, and over 100 parathyroid nodule ethanol ablations.

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“…Dr. Knox is caring and compassionate when treating animals and communicates his concerns very well. He collaborates well with referring veterinarians to help determine the best diagnostic and therapeutic approach to some of the most difficult cases. There is no question that I would have (and have had) my own pets evaluated by Dr. Knox.” Jeremy Diroff, DVM, DACVIM, specialist in veterinary internal medicine

Dr. Knox’s Veterinary Education

Dr. Knox’s Veterinary Education

Van Knox earned his bachelor’s degree in biology (ecology, evolution, and animal behavior) from Princeton University in 1989, and then was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. That was followed by a one-year rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at The Animal Medical Center in New York City.

Next, it was on to five years in private practice for Dr. Knox—treating canines, felines, and pocket pets like rabbits, hamsters, and ferrets.

Although he really enjoyed working as a general veterinarian, Dr. Knox felt the call to further education…to specialize. And so, he returned to Penn for a radiology residency and fellowship, which he completed in 2004, followed immediately by board certification in veterinary radiology.


What is a Veterinary Radiologist?

A board-certified specialist in veterinary radiology is a licensed veterinarian who has gone through intense, formal training in all aspects of radiology, including radiography (x-rays), ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. A veterinary radiologist is trained to use and to interpret these imaging modalities to help diagnose and properly treat many serious diseases.

Veterinary radiology specialists typically work in support of general practice veterinarians and other specialists. Signs of disease in an imaging study can be very subtle; veterinary radiologists are less likely to miss or misinterpret them.

In the United States, veterinary radiologists are granted specialty status by the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR). Radiologists may be recognized by the initials “ACVR” or “DACVR” (for Diplomate of the ACVR) after their names. To become a board-certified radiologist, a veterinarian typically must have:

  • Completed an additional three+ years of advanced training, including a residency at a veterinary teaching hospital or similar approved position where the veterinarian will have trained with some of the best experts in the field and obtained extensive hands-on experience
  • Completed the credentialing application process established by the ACVR
  • Pass rigorous written and oral examinations

When your pet needs the expertise of a veterinary radiologist, years of intensive training and additional education will be focused to help properly diagnose the problem and establish the optimal treatment course.

Some general practices have a board-certified veterinary radiologist on staff within their own hospitals. In other cases, general practitioners will consult with and refer patients to radiologists at referral practices. While many general practitioners routinely take radiographs or offer ultrasonography in their own practices, veterinary radiologists are frequently needed for additional consultation, a second opinion, or to perform specialized studies or biopsies. Veterinary radiologists can also review images and offer remote consultation via the Internet.

For more information on veterinary radiology, please visit the Pet Owner Section on the American College of Veterinary Radiology website.

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A Veterinary Radiologist with Expertise and Compassion

Today, Dr. Knox’s passion for his profession is more evident than ever. He says, “My favorite aspects of radiology include ultrasonography (abdominal, non-cardiac thoracic, and musculoskeletal), procedures (ultrasound-guided aspirates, biopsies, and ethanol ablation of parathyroid nodules and other lesions), and CT.” And he adds, “I know that when animals are relaxed, we get higher-quality images. And so, I use my love for animals to make them feel comfortable and at ease.”

Van is married with three grown children and a home filled with pets.

“Dr. Knox is always very good to my clients and their pets. His skill is without question. He is a valuable asset to the veterinary medical community.” Bill Whittaker, DVM, Lititz Veterinary Clinic

Services Offered by Dr. Knox at Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging

Dr. Van Knox offers a full range of radiology imaging services and minimally invasive procedures at his practice inside the PETS Lancaster facility. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • CT Scan Interpretations
  • Special Radiographic Studies
  • Survey Radiography
  • Non-Cardiac Thoracic Ultrasound
  • Neck/cervical Ultrasound
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Ocular Ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal (e.g. iliopsoas muscle, calcaneal tendon) ultrasound
  • Liver-Mass Biopsies
  • Kidney Cyst Injections
  • Parathyroid Tumor Ablation Injections
  • Organ/Mass Aspirates
  • Fluid Sampling

“Dr. Knox is one of the most skilled veterinary radiologists I have been honored to work with. He has been instrumental in the diagnostic work-up of countless animals and has dramatically improved the quality of care of pets in the region…” Jeremy Diroff, DVM, DACVIM, specialist in veterinary internal medicine

Are you treating a patient in need of imaging services? Or would you like to consult with Dr. Knox about a patient? Call 717-295-7387 and ask for Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging today.

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The Doctor Knox and Susquehanna Veterinary Imaging Difference

When you’re searching for ‘veterinary radiologist near me,’ we know that time is of the essence. That’s why Dr. Knox does his utmost to see every patient as quickly as possible, to deliver the sharpest images and the most effective procedures…all while supporting referring vets as they work directly with patients and clients.

Do you have questions about Dr. Knox’s veterinary radiology services? Then please contact us now, so we can work together to find answers and get to the business of healing.


“I have referred all my ultrasounds to Dr. Knox for the last 20 years.  In all those years, I have found him to be incredibly accurate with his scans, timely in his phone updates and written reports, skillful when performing any necessary biopsies and aspirates, and knowledgeable and collaborative when creating the subsequent treatment plan.  I am forever grateful for his help these many years.” Susan Gula, VMD, the owner of Manor Animal Hospital in Lancaster, PA

“When referring my patients to Dr. Knox I am confident they are receiving the best and most comprehensive diagnostic ultrasounds. His wonderful bedside manner combined with his vast knowledge of veterinary medicine ensure the satisfaction of my clients and the best care for my patients”Nicole Barnett, DVM, VCA Sinking Spring Animal Hospital

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